Roommate Compatibility Survey

When an individual is staying away from his hometown, he may have to take a place on rent which he in most of the cases has to share with someone. Even sometimes he is in a live in relationship, he has to share his place with his partner and in both cases the person with whom he shares the apartment or the rented place is known as the roommate. A roommate compatibility survey helps an individual to understand whether he is sharing his place with the right kind of roommate. The survey also helps him to understand the kind of bonding he shares with his roommate. The survey is taken by individuals who share a place on rent with another individual to decide whether they should change their roommate. The questions included in the survey are based on the bonding of the individual with his roommate.

Sample Roommate Compatibility Survey

Name: ________________

Contact number: ______________

Email id: _______________

  1. What kind of person are you?

a)      Private person

b)      Social person

c)      Somewhat social

  1. Do you always crave for your own space?

a)      Yes always

b)      Not always

c)      Never

  1. Does your roommate help you in your work and vice versa?

a)      Yes he always helps

b)      I do help, but he does not helps

c)      We do each other’s work and help each other

  1. Does your roommate give you space when you need it?

a)      Always

b)      Sometimes

c)      Never

  1. Do you share all the expenses of the house equally?

a)      Yes, we do share

b)      No, I pay most of it

c)      No, he pays most of it

  1. Do you have arguments with your roommate?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  1. If the answer to the above question is yes, how often do you have arguments?

a)      Always

b)      Often

c)      Sometimes

d)     Rarely


Compatibility Surveys

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