Sales Director Survey

A sales director survey is performed in order to seek information from the person regarding the sales performance and prospects of future growth. This survey helps the management of the company to measure the growth rate as a result of the inputs of the sales director. It helps to arrive at the challenges faced during sales process and handle the most relevant issues effectively.

Sample Sales Director Survey

1. What is the impact of sales forecast on the actual sales performance for the previous financial year.

a. Very good

b. Moderately good

c. Slightly good

d. Not at all good

2. What is your prediction with regard to the sales goals set for this financial

a. Exceed sales goals

b. Meet sales goal

c. May meet sales goal

d. Cannot meet sales goal

3. Are you confident that all your sales team members are aware of the sales cycle of our company?

a. Yes confident that all are aware of it

b. Moderately confident that all are aware of it

c. Have little doubt if all are aware of it

d. Sure that many are not aware of it

4. How many times do you make it a point to go along with sales staff to meet important clients?

a. Every time

b. Sometimes

c. Occasionally

d. Never

5. How frequently do you interact and conduct meetings with your sales team embers?

a. Everyday

b. Weekly

c. Monthly quarterly

6. Are you always available to help when your sales team faces any grave issues with regard to customers or any other professional matters?

a. Yes always helpful

b. Sometimes helpful

c. Occasionally helpful

d. Don’t have time to help

7. How often do you verify the activities of sales team members for effective progress in sales?

a. Everyday

b. Weekly

c. Monthly

d. Randomly

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