Sales Representative Survey

A sales representative survey helps an organization to understand the knowledge levels that are essential for selling. This survey aims to identify the strength and weaknesses of the sales representatives who are the first persons to interact with the customers. It also recognizes the areas for improvement by seeking information about personality traits of the sales representative.

Sample Sales Representative Survey

1. Are you aware of the primary product that is sold by our company?

a. Yes I am aware

b. I have some idea

c. I don’t have knowledge of all products

d. I am not sure

2. Do you offer any benefits to the customer to purchase products from your company?

a. Sometimes

b. Occasionally

c. Never

3. Have you successfully completed a sales call in the recent week?

a. Yes I have successfully closed a sales deal

b. Not in the previous week but before that

c. Completed a sales deal before two weeks

d. Not closed even a single sales call in the last four weeks

4. What was the main reason for the customer to choose the product of our company?

a. Product features

b. Pricing of the product

c. Convenience

d. Refund policy of the company

5. Do you go for a sales call alone or along with your team member?

a. Always go alone

b. Sometimes go alone

c. Rarely go alone

d. Never go alone

6. How will you rate your professionalism with regard to handling both your team members and customers as well?

a. Excellent

b. Fair

c. Average

d. Poor

7. Are you informed of major changes taking place in the sales cycle of our company by your team leader?

a. Yes always informed about changes

b. Sometimes informed about changes

c. Occasionally informed about changes

d. Never informed about changes

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