Seminar Feedback Survey

A seminar feedback survey is a process of understanding whether a certain seminar was effective or not and also whether the participants or audience found it interesting. The survey helps to find out the flaws in the seminar as well as the good points of it. This survey is usually conducted by the organization or the group conducting the seminar. The survey questions are answered by the participants of the seminar. The survey also helps the organizers to avoid the flaws in their next seminar and also understand what topics can be introduced to make it more interesting. The questions are based on the content of the seminar and also the technicalities used in order to conduct it.

Editable Survey Report

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Sample Seminar Feedback Survey

Name: _____________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Date of birth: ____________

Gender (choose the appropriate one): Male Female

Contact number: _____________

Email id: ___________

Occupation: _______________

  1. How useful did you find the seminar?

a)      Very useful

b)      Useful

c)      Somewhat useful

d)     Not useful at all

  1. How would you rate the content of the seminar?

a)      Very good

b)      Good

c)      Average

d)     Bad

  1. Did you feel that the speakers chosen for the seminar were appropriate?

a)      Yes, they were appropriate

b)      No, they were not appropriate

  1. Do you think that the seminar was interactive?

a)      Yes, it was interactive

b)      It was somewhat interactive

c)      No, it was not interactive at all

  1. How would you rate the technical aspect used in the seminar?

a)      Very good

b)      Good

c)      Average

d)     Bad

  1. What according to you is the most important aspect of the seminar?


  1. What according to you was the least important aspect of the seminar and was not necessary?


  1. What do you think could have been done in order to make the seminar better?


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