Staff Feedback Survey

A staff feedback survey is a tool which is employed by organizations all around the globe. The staff members of an organization answer the survey to let the management gain the feedback of the staff in reference to various spheres of the business organization such as the working environment, the job responsibilities, the management, the operating system etc. For convenience of all a sample feedback survey is being provided below.

Sample Staff Feedback Survey

Kindly fill in the following blanks:

Job Title: ___________________

Name: _____________________

Age: ______________________

Joining date: ________________

Office Branch: ______________

Contact No.: ________________

(All the answers provided shall be confidential)

Kindly answer the following questions appropriately:

1. How long have you been working in this organization? (mention in years or months)


2. How cooperative do you think your colleagues/ co- workers are?

a. Not cooperative at all

b. Somewhat cooperative

c. Cooperative

d. Extremely cooperative

3. Please tick in front of the adjective you feel describe the working environment of your office. You can select multiple options.

a. Worker friendly

b. Supportive

c. Encouraging

d. Peaceful

e. Motivational

f. None of the above

g. Specify if any else ____________

4. Were you provided with enough training and assistance when you started the job?

a. Yes

b. No

c. It was sufficient but a little more training wouldn’t have harmed

5. Are you provided with all the infrastructure and facilities that are necessary for carrying on your operations?

a. Yes

b. No.

6. Specify if you find any lack of infrastructure or facilities in the office environment.


7. Describe how do you find the behavior of the management staff and the superiors in the office?


8. Would you like to suggest any changes that the management or the superior personnel could make to improve the working experience for you? Specify.


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