Student Career Interest Survey

A student career interest survey is a survey done to assess the interest of a student in types of career. This survey is done by assessing the various fields in which the student is interested. This survey helps to student to know the appropriate career as per their interest.

Sample Student Career Interest Survey

1. Which field of education do you find most interesting?

a) Science and engineering

b) Medical

c) Commerce

d) Arts and humanities

2. In which field do you want to make your profession?

a) Media and entertainment

b) Law

c) Medical and nursing

d) Engineering

e) Business

3. How would you prefer to work?

a) Freelancer

b) Salaried

c) Self employed

4. Which sector do you find more interesting?

a) Government sector

b) Private sector

5. Do you agree that your career interests are influenced by everyone?

a) Yes to a great extent

b) Yes, to some extent

c) No not at all

6. Would your family’s influence ever change your career interest?

a) Yes

b) No



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