A survey questionnaire is also known as a written survey. It is a simple method to obtain the feedback from customers. The customer may be either existing or potential. This method is very much useful and productive for the companies which are growing slowly.

Some of instructions which must be followed before performing the survey questionnaire are mentioned below.

You should first decide about the type of information you want to collect. After that, while performing the survey keep the survey as short as possible keeping in mind that you must gain the information in that short survey.

You should represent yourself in a very casual manner and the conversation must be very gentle and catchable. Make a list of the questions from your survey in an ascending order so that the question starts from general to specific.

You should use multiple choice questions in most of the situations. This will help the customer in understanding your question which results in the reduction of the time taken to perform a survey.

The rating scale of each question should be from general to specific. This will help the respondent in making their response in an easy way. Testing of the survey by 10 to 15 customers is also necessary.


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