Tips for writing a good survey

A survey is a written or verbal form of a questionnaire which is used by organizations to get feedback of a group of people on a certain topic. A survey helps the survey conducting organization to collect opinions of people and then come to a conclusion based on the majority of similar responses. A survey can be of various different kinds depending upon its purpose and targeted group of audience. If you wish to frame a good survey, then you must refer to the following given useful tips and suggestions:

  • To frame a good survey, one must be clear about the main purpose and the kind of audience it is catering itself to.
  • While framing a survey, one should give it a name. A name gives a survey an identity and makes it look more impressive and well defined as well.
  • To come up with a good survey, one must frame brief questions and not lengthy or unnecessarily over extended questions. This helps to keep the respondent interest intact.
  • A good survey is one which has relevant questions which are related to the topic or purpose. Questions that are irrelevant make a survey weak.
  • A survey becomes a good survey if it has well searched and technically correct questions. Any question in which a respondent can find a fault immediately makes the survey less impactful and impressive.
  • While framing a survey, the survey conducting organization must decide how many questions are to be included in it. One must not have very few or too many questions in a survey.
  • Begin the survey with more interesting and easy to answer questions.
  • Try and include more of objective or multiple choice questions in your survey to make it quick to answer.
  • A survey must not use tough vocabulary and should be grammatically correct.
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