Types of questions in research surveys

A research survey is a survey type in which a number of people are interviewed or are given questionnaires to fill in their responses for doing a particular research. A research survey consists of getting feedback from a large population and then analyzing the results to come to a general conclusion about the topic. Research surveys are generally in the form of written questionnaires that may consist of subjective questions for which spaces are provided or objective questions in which a correct option has to be selected.

These surveys are quite effective to gather collective data and then come to a general finding. A research survey must have certain fixed types of questions and the following points shall help you for reference purpose.

  • A research survey must have short and crisp questions. One must not try to frame lengthy questions because they tend to be boring and the respondents may lose interest.
  • Any research survey is effective only if the questions asked in it are well researched and technically correct. One must always try to find correct information before framing the questions because any question which is not technically correct can put a negative impact on the respondents.
  • A research survey should have questions which are relevant to the context and not unrelated to the topic. The questions which are not related to the topic can also take away the quality and polish from the survey. So one must always try to keep it as near to the main context as possible.
  • A research survey must have majority of objective type questions. These questions make it easy for the users to answer the survey quickly and are thus always preferred. The number of subjective type questions should be limited but a survey must always have these types of questions because they give the users a chance to express their views and opinions.

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