What Are 3 Types of a Survey

Researchers mainly make use of questionnaires and surveys to get the required information on various kinds of issues. The consumer research firms, political groups, scientific researchers and employers are examples of some entities that make use of the surveys to extract the data. Surveys can be conducted on various forms and in different kinds of settings. Here we are mentioning what are 3 types of a survey which can be helpful to you.

Written questionnaires

Written questionnaires can be conducted in the following 2 forms.

Individual written questionnaire

Written questionnaires may be conducted in different forms. A traditional kind of survey is a mail survey in which the person who conducts the survey (surveyor) sends a questionnaire via mail. The participants can fill the provided questionnaire and send back to the surveyor or concerned person. In a drop off survey of a household, the surveyor drops off a booklet for survey to a house and the concerned person get back to that particular house to collect the booklet.

Group written questionnaire

A researcher or surveyor can perform group written questionnaire which includes the survey to various people in the form of a group setting. Administrating this kind of group written questionnaire normally extracts a high rate of response and also let the researcher to gather the data at once.

Oral surveys

These kinds of surveys can also be conducted in 2 different forms. They are as follows.

Individual oral survey

Surveyors usually call the individuals for telephonic interviews, which are normally short in nature by which it allows the researcher to collect the information much quickly.

Group oral survey

Oral surveys are also done in the form of focus groups. In this kind of survey, the surveyor conducts a group session. The members present in a group answer to the questions, and listen to the other’s comments, ideas and thoughts.

Electronic surveys

In these kind of surveys, researchers use internet to collect required information. Surveys can also be posted like a form on the web pages and these permits the researcher to ask for different type of questions. This method lets the surveyor to click distinct responses and click submit when completed.

This answers your query of what are 3 types of a survey. Based on your convenience you can go with any of these methods and conduct your survey.

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