What Are Some Good Survey Questions

Generally to get the feedback or responses for the queries from various people, a survey is carried out. Survey is an important tool in so many fields like research, business etc. The questions to be asked in the survey depend upon the field, topic and the desired information. In businesses, these surveys are conducted for the customer’s feedback. Here we are providing what are some good survey questions to be asked to the customers for their feedback.

What made you visit this place?

Know from where your clients are visiting you. This is very important in improving your client base. Try to keep your query as simple and as broad as possible, so that the client’s answers can be definite. By including this type of question in your survey, it can benefit you in understanding which type of advertising will be beneficial. The client’s visit tells you about why did they visit you and what is so attractive about the firm.

What was your experience?

This query will provide an impression of how the customer experienced. You can ask the person’s name who guided your customer and ask for their rating for products/services provided. This provides you with the information of who is performing well among your staff and who may need training. It is always true that a satisfied customer tells about your products/service to some others who in turn tell to others. So it is important to know where your customers are satisfied and where they are not.

Are you satisfied?

Ask whether your customer is satisfied or not. This query tells you whether the customer is interested to come back again or not.


Ask your customers for suggestions. This is a very important query in the survey. This is a way of discovering your organization’s weaknesses. By this you can improve in the necessary areas and get success in the business world.

You can frame your questions in your desired way based on your required information, when you are aware of what are some good survey questions.

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