What Are the Advantages of a Survey

A survey is a tool of gathering the data. Surveys are generally used in the psychology research in order to gather the data from the participants. Survey can focus on certain facts about the individuals or may aim to gather the opinions from the participants. Survey can be administered in 2 different ways, one is structured interview and the other way is questionnaire. Before conducting the survey, the surveyors should know what a survey is and what are the advantages of a survey.

Here we are specifying some advantages of a survey.

Large population

Surveys give high range of general capability in illustrating a large population. As the answers are gathered from large population, the gathered data will definitely have a better description. When compared to other kind of methods of collecting the data, surveys can get the data which is near to the accurate features of the huge population.

Less expense

When the surveys are being conducted, you are required to pay only for the generation of the survey questionnaires. If there is a requirement of large sample of general population, you can provide an incentive for each individual. Whereas the data collecting methods like personal interviews and focus groups require the surveyors to pay more.

Convenient method of data collection

Surveys can be conducted in various ways. Questionnaires can be sent simply through fax or email, or can also be done via internet. These days, the method of online survey has become more famous way of collecting the data from the target participants. By these surveys, surveyors are able to gather data from the individuals all over the globe.

Surveyor’s biases

Surveys are very appropriate for the studies of scientific research as they give every participant with a uniform stimulus. With such obtained high reliability, the surveyor’s biases are removed.

Accurate results

As the survey questions undergo careful standardization and scrutiny, there will be a greater accuracy in measuring the collected data.

Now you know what are the advantages of a survey. By conducting the surveys, the data collection can be done in a short period of time with less cost.

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