What are the two types of survey designs

A survey is a quantitative or qualitative tool which is used to conduct a type of a research on a group of people so as to record their opinions or views about something. A survey is helpful to bring to the surface the honest responses of people so as to pass a verdict or come to a conclusion based on that response which is in majority. A survey can be framed in many ways.  There are many kinds of survey designs as well. But here we shall talk about those two survey designs which are the most important and most commonly used to frame surveys.

  1. Cross sectional survey

A cross sectional survey is a kind of a survey design which is used to gather on the spot responses from the respondents. A survey design of this kind is used to study the opinions of a select group of people who are either gathered at a common place or are targeted through email or other form of quick correspondence. These surveys take the views of that select group and conclude the results for a larger population of people. A cross sectional survey is easy to conduct and takes into view the feedback of a section of different people.

  1. Longitudinal survey

A longitudinal survey is that form of a survey which studies the results of people over a period of time. They take into consideration the trends which are observed over certain duration of time. These surveys are conducted over the same group of people multiple times to record or evaluate the difference in their opinions. These surveys are generally conducted to note social phenomenon and analyze changing opinions and factors that affect the change in the opinions. This type of survey design is slightly difficult to conduct.

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