What is the purpose of an attitude survey

An attitude survey is a type of a survey which is framed by a company/organization or survey conducting organization to test or evaluate the attitude of a select group of people or target audience. Any such survey is used to gather collective opinions of people about a certain topic which helps the survey conducting organization to fathom the majority of responses.

Attitude surveys are of many kinds like student attitude survey, employee attitude survey, patient attitude survey etc.  Depending upon the exact nature of an attitude survey, the purpose of the survey is defined. The following given points will help you know about the main purpose of an attitude survey.

  • In case of an employee attitude survey, the company tries to evaluate the attitude of the employees towards their work and duties. This helps the companies to evaluate the overall attitude of the work force and create new ways to improve the attitude.
  • An attitude survey’s main purpose is to know the point of view of the respondents and study their mindset. In case of a student attitude survey, the attitude of students towards studies and subjects is assessed.
  • In a customer attitude survey, the survey conducting organization tries to read the customer attitude before the launch of a new product. This helps them to understand the needs or opinions of customers so as to manufacture new products as per the liking of the customer base.
  • An attitude survey is basically used to put questions in front of respondents so that on the basis of their answers, an idea about their attitude can be made. Generally such surveys do not put forth questions directly but indirectly.
  • An attitude survey is also framed in order to let the respondents know that their opinion too is important.

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