What should I do for a career survey

A career survey is a kind of a survey which is used in the case when a career related organization wishes to take views of a number of people or students about their desired career or career choices. A career survey lets the respondents express their views about their career goals and also gives them an insight into their own career inclination.

A career survey must be framed in such a way that the main interest of the respondent can be assessed to indicate a suitable career for him/her. If you wish to frame a career survey, then the following given set of tips and suggestions would be very helpful for you.

  • To frame a good career survey, keep in mind that the career survey should have a definite theme or topic. For example, you can call it ‘career choice survey’ or ‘career interest survey’ etc so that the respondents get a clear idea about what the survey is exactly about.
  • A career survey should have questions which test the interest level or inclination of the respondents so as to decide which field would be most suitable for them as far as the career is concerned.
  • A career survey must be framed in such a way that the honest opinions of the respondents can be recorded.
  • One thing that would help to make a good career survey is including a question which asks the respondent about his preferred career choice. This would confirm whether or not his/her interests match up to the career choice or not.
  • A career survey must be an eye opener for the respondents. They should be able to analyze their own answers to decide which career path they should take. Hence the questions must be frame accordingly.

Thus keeping the above given points into consideration, one can frame a good career survey.

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