What type of research method is a survey

A survey is a tool through which the survey conducting organization tries to gather opinions or views of a select group of people so as to come to a conclusion about a certain topic or issue. A survey is one of the most effective ways to gather feedback and responses so that based on the majority response, a decision can be taken.

Surveys are type of research methods which are based upon data collection techniques and are easy to administer and evaluate. A survey is usually in the form of a questionnaire which can be both written and oral in nature.

The following given write up shall explain in detail about what kind of a research method a survey is:

  • A survey is a type of a research method that bases itself on the responses of opinions of the people.
  • It can be both quantitative and qualitative in nature.
  • In a quantitative survey, the survey is conducted over a select group of people and the obtained results are generalized to conclude the findings for a larger population of people. In this research method a chosen sample is taken to do evaluation. More of objective type questions are asked in this type of a research method.
  • In a qualitative survey, the results are studied more closely to understand the mindset of people from their given answers. In this type of a research method, respondents are asked to give their opinions in subjective form more than objective form.
  • A survey is that kind of method of research which is easy to conduct and formulate and is also easy to distribute amongst people. This can be done through emails, brochures, online questionnaires and oral interviews as well. This method also helps to generate a lot of response with little hardwork.
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